Friday, October 17, 2008

No Deadpod for 10/17/08

I'm home from the hospital but still on the mend - sorry but no Deadpod this week -
I'll try and get something up next friday -
till then thanks for the good wishes and all your support!

Be well, Friends.

-the professor


rick said...

Get better soon!

Phil said...

Hope you feel better, and back on your feet soon! Thanks Professor,


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon.
Thanks so much for all you do!
Parma, OH

Tom said...

Fell better, Just discovered your podcasts in the summer, love them, keep on truckin
Brooklyn, NY

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

thibbye said...

This was a long Friday without being able to pick up the Professor. Take your meds and get back to us as soon as you feel better. Thanks for the tunes. JB

Bid Daddy said...

Get better professor. We really appreciate all you do. Perhaps there's Good Lovin in our future next week!

Well, I was feelin sort of bad now,
Asked my family doctor bout what I had,I said, doctor, doctor, mister m.d., Can you tell me, whats ailing me?
JLD (San Francisco)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon

tie dye bob said...

fare ye well professor - I look forward to your speedy recovery and more of your outstanding deadpods! thanx for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Wishin' you a speedy recovery!!

Get well soon

Anonymous said...

Just take of yourself. It's not like you haven't given us plenty to listen to.
Mississippi Straight

Robert said...

Jack from PENN STATE turned me on to this and it is Awesome!!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! We will survive. Jerry

Anonymous said...

In his book, Phil Lesh describes how, at various times throughout the band's history, they could have desperately used some time off from their perpetual touring grind for some much-needed and well-deserved R&R; but, for fear of letting down their loyal employees, who depended on them for their livelihoods, they pushed on. I cannot help but wonder whether some we have lost would still be with us, had they paced themselves somewhat.

Although I write this 5+ years after you took your week off--and therefore, there are many more Deadpods waiting for me in the archives and I will not have to wait one second for some new music to enjoy--had I been listening at the time, I would have been glad that you took some time off. It was well-deserved, Professor. No one's lives or livelihoods are at stake here. Feel free to do it again sometime, for any reason or for no reason at all.

Gratefully yours,

Los Angeles, CA