Friday, March 06, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 03/06/09

This week on the Deadpod - more of this historic performance from February 13th, 1970 at the Fillmore East. This week we get to hear the wonderful late show electric set 1, with a fine China->Rider, Dire Wolf and Smokestack Lightnin.. then the famous Acoustic set, part of which was featured on the History of the Grateful Dead Vol. 1 Bear's Choice release.. Monkey and the Engineer and Katie Mae are favorites of mine..

Grateful Dead
Fillmore East New York, NY 2/13/70b - Friday
One [2:48:09 +] [1:15 Intro by Robert Hunter] ; China Cat Sunflower [2:53] > Jam [2:07] > I Know You Rider [4:13] ; [0:53] ; Me And My Uncle [3:10] ; [1:07] ; Dire Wolf [3:58] ; [0:59] ; Smokestack Lightnin' [18:00] ; [5:22] ; Monkey And The Engineer [1:37] ; [0:53] ; Little Sadie [2:45] ; [0:15] ; Wake Up Little Susie [2:36] > Black Peter [7:20] ; Uncle John's Band [6:50#] ; [3:12] ; Katie Mae [3:57] ; [2:54]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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You are the BEST!
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Anonymous said...

Ah! Friday morning. In the office early listening to the Deadpod. Thanks Professor!

Anonymous said...

Wowee! What a treat for acoustic and electric! It's cool you're getting sponsors now too.

Anonymous said...

This will make my overtime Saturday fly-bye! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great sound. The bass sounds perfect, at least to my ears. Did you decode this into WAV/AIFF, or is it AAC? Many Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get enough of your fantastic choices of shows. Every week I anxiously await hearing yet another wonderful treat. Well done & keep up the excellent work 'Professor'!

glauber said...

Beautiful "Me and My Uncle" in this set!

richard said...

Dear Professor,

I am a huge fan of your show - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love all your selections by the way. But, I would really like to share with you the following suggestion - that you take a look/listen to the Dead's final electric set from the Capitol Theater in Port Chester New York from June 24, 1970.

This was a massive night for the Dead and all Dead Heads. I don't want to get into best-of arguments and the like as I just don't go there very often. For example, I love all the Dark Stars I have ever heard. But this night was the best night of Dead I had heard up to that date and no other Dead show ever came close.

In particular this let set contains what I call a Dark Star Club sandwich! Three Dark Stars sandwiching an Attics and a Sugar Magnolia (second time SM was ever played).

Whether you choose to podcast this awesome, primal show, please listen to it if you have not already. Again - I know you occasionally take listerner suggestions. So here is mine - late show 6-24-70:

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful show, through and through. Bob's rhythm work was featured perfectly in the mix, and he played well this night. Smokestack Lightnin' was a very nice treat, as was Wake Up, Little Susie.