Friday, October 23, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 10/23/09

I'm surrounded by beautiful Fall foliage here in Michigan this time of year and it brought to mind this quite remarkable period of Dead shows. I will never forget when I saw the Dead open up sitting around and playing accoustic music. I loved those shows, and unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of soundboards of complete shows from that period that are out but this is one and I hope that you enjoy hearing it as much as I do.

Yes the acoustic sets may not have as much variety as we'd like - but I really doubt that you can avoid having a smile as you listen to the boys chat between tunes or sing along as you listen to Ripple.. its a real pleasure for me and I hope you enjoy it as well..

Grateful Dead
Radio City Music Hall
10/26/80 - Sunday

One : Iko, Iko Dark Hollow, It Must Have Been The Roses, On The Road Again, Jack-A-Roe, Csasidy, China Doll -> Ripple ..
Electric -1 :
Jack Straw -> Sugaree, Little Red Rooster, Brown-Eyed Women

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Be well and be kind to each other my friends..


Anonymous said...

I got to see 3 of the Radio City shows, missed Halloween but was at this show.


GR8FL4NA said...

fall sure is beautiful here in michigan, professor! but with it come months of cold winter:( keep up the good work, and "go Blue"

RK said...

Ahhh, Michigan winters! I lived in the Calument/Larium - Houghton/Hancock area for 4 years...around the old AF radar site and Michigan Tech. Snow in the 400+ inches range!?! Bring it on!
Great show you picked out sir (as usual). I really dig it when you pick out parts of the songs you like and talk about the magic you hear and feel. That's what gets us pumped to listen to the show. It feels like you've connected with your fellow deadhead tape trader and he/she is preparing you for the batch of new tapes you're taking home. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the deadpod and the acoustic set this week!

Would like to keep the music scene alive for one more week of fall?

I am in Ohio and cant wait to go camping next week at Nelson Ledges. They always have a Dead fest in the summer with 4 nights of Dark Star, called Gratefulfest.

Hunter Rice said...

You said it, listening to them chat between songs is great! they dont seem to do that in the later shows.. am i wrong?

glauber said...

Listening to this now... Wow, this is good! Thank you very much!