Friday, November 06, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 11/06/09

I must say that my listeners are simply the best ! I received an simply perfect request this week for the show we're going to start listening to this week as I was casting about in my mind trying to decide what to play... and what a show it is. This show not only shows the band in a period of transition from their slower tempo early '77 style of playing to the more uptempo arrangements of 1978 but its simply one of the best shows of the entire year. The first set which we'll listen to this week, not only blasts out of the gates with a fabulous Bertha->Good Lovin' , but keeps up a most memorable and high energy performance on every tune. Not to be missed, the set closing Let It Grow is truly outstanding, and really shows the unique ability of the band to fire off in all directions yet to find the 'one' and bring us all back into harmony and love.. whew.. a great set and the second set from next week is even better.....

Grateful Dead
Cotterell Gym, Reid Athletic Center, Colgate University
Hamilton, NY
Set I:
Bertha -> [7:52]
Good Lovin' [6:32]
Brown-Eyed Women [6:07]
Cassidy [5:19]
It Must Have Been the Roses [7:31]
Sunrise [4:34]
New Minglewood Blues [5:51]
Dupree's Diamond Blues [6:25]
Let It Grow [14:11]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

thanks for listening - and enjoy the show!


Bill L. said...

Nicely done. This one is a winner.

Alex Parrott said...

This is such a good show! The Stella in the second set is one of my absolute all-time favorites, to say nothing of the excellent Eyes>Estimated. This last week, especially, of the '77 fall tour was just so hot.

Anonymous said...

Happy Homecoming!

Weatherstud said...

Nice show. Can't wait for the next part.

I know you tend to lean towards acoustic sets, but I would like to suggest putting up the 11/14/71 show from Fort Worth if you have it. Very nice se, great sound, and it was here in my backyard.

max said...

i am a current colgate student, and was pretty excited to see our one dead show get into the deadpod. its a great show! thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

This is a great recording of a truly fantastic show. Does anyone know the source of this? It sounds like a high quality audience recording and better balanced than the soundboard I have (and without some of the annoying gaps). Just curious..

Anonymous said...

A very well-played and -sung set from a stellar year!

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