Friday, December 11, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 12/11/09

This week's Deadpod starts with one of my all-time favorite Shakedown Streets - this one really blows the doors off the place then seques into a fine Samson & Delilah..After a sweet Ship of Fools we're treated to a great ride on the Terrapin Express!! This set seems a real precursor of the fine shows to follow in 1980 and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. the double encore, Alabama Getaway into Promised Land, shows me the band had a great time this night as well!

Grateful Dead - December 11, 1979
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall - Kansas City, KS
Set 2:
Shakedown Street ->
Samson & Delilah
Ship of Fools
Terrapin Station ->
Lost Sailor
Saint Jam ->
Saint Of Circumstance ->
Estimated Jam ->
Drums ->
Not Fade Away ->
Black Peter ->
Sugar Magnolia

Alabama Getaway ->
The Promised Land

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Please note - I inadvertently omitted the
'Saint of Circumstance' from the published Deadpod -a corrected version is now in place.. my appologies!

Thank you all for your kind wishes and words of comfort last week, much appreciated..

Be well and stay warm !! as it looks like ol' man Winter has made his first real appearance!


Anonymous said...

Saint of Circumstance is cut on my copy, I got the jam, but the song is missing.

the professor said...

Let me double check everything - its possible I'm out of space for everything! If its missing I'll fix it somehow.. my appologies!

the professor said...

the corrected version has now replaced the earlier one with the omitted Saint.. sorry bout that!

Anonymous said...

Professor, I think I Know You Rider got inadvertently mixed in right before NFA. Love this show. The Shakedown into Samson is excellent.

the professor said...

some weeks you can win for trying..
I'll fix that, and my apologies..

bruwick said...

Hey professor, thanks for doing what you do man! Just getting ready for my first "Dead" show on CFSI 107.9 Saltspring Island, B.C. Canada....Thursdays 5-6pm Pacific Standard Time. You are the inspiration.....check it out on the WWW at Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Professor, I love your podcasts and look forward to them every Friday. Do you possibly have the show from Portland, Maine, March 28, 1986, which I believe was one of the first performances of Box of Rain after a long, long hiatus? Thanks!

All best,
I. Jones, Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous set list, and very well done. Fitting that it was laden with songs containing references to the sea, for your good friend. Love Brent's harmony on Ship. A rather subtle, understated Terrapin, which was nice for variety's sake. And, I always appreciate a good Sailor > Saint. The double encore was lots of fun, too. The opening to riffs to Promised Land and JBG are rather identical; so, had I not already known the set list ahead of time, I would have been fooled for sure. Thanks, Professor!