Friday, December 23, 2011

Dead Show/podcast for 12/23/11

Merry Christmas!

As is my tradition this week's Deadpod features some wonderful acoustic music.. this comes to us from the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band from the Wiltern theater, in Los Angeles on December 4th, 1987.
I love listening to this music during this time of the year and hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles CA
Swing Low (Sweet Chariot)
Deep Elem Blues
Spike Driver Blues
I've Been All Around This World
I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
Oh The Wind And Rain
Gone Home
If I Lose
Ragged But Right

I had to include a couple more of my favorite Jerry acoustic tunes, this from his famous session with David Grisman back in December of 91..

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
Warfield, San Francisco CA 12/8/91

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

I wish for you peace, joy and love this Holiday season.
Thank you for letting me continue to do this and for your support and kindness.

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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Jeffrey said...

I think there's a problem with the iTunes Podcast version. It is saying it can't find deadpod12231.mp3 on the server so it looks like a file name issure (I'm guessing the correct file name is deadpod122311.mp3).


the professor said...

Wow.. yes I made an error on that link SO SORRY! fixed now hopefully that will resolve it.
Thank you for pointing it out.
- the professor.

rickhwg said...

Nope! 6:00 pm CST and I'm still not able to DL this podcast.

the professor said...

I haven't heard of other problems and I can d/l it with no
Problem. I suggest right clicking on the link and saving the file.

rickhwg said...

I just got it! thank you. Can't wait to listen.

Jerry'smissingfinger said...

Fantasticly beautiful set. Thank you! Amazing sound from the man himself.

water cooler said...

Nice Podcast Version...
your information are also good about Podcast.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the musicianship and vocal harmonies in this set are simply magical. What a treat! Hearing this, it makes perfect sense that Jerry and Bob met at a banjo lesson that Jerry was teaching. Are we sure that Jerry is from SF, and not deep in the heart of Appalachia? ;-)

A belated Merry Christmas to you as well, Professor! We appreciate all that you do, week in and week out!