Friday, February 15, 2013

Dead Show/podcast for 2/15/13

This second set from 6/11/93 features the only Eyes of the World performed on  the summer tour that year, as the opener. Its quite nicely done, and followed by another well-played Playin' In the Band... the band and Jerry in particular do a very credible job on these.. out of space, the Wheel and Watchtower are a pleasure to hear as well, but the Black Peter is a personal favorite and I think Jerry takes the time to do a decent version here.. the Sugar Mag had everyone dancing, and of course the Brokedown Palace leaves me smiling when I hear it..I hope it makes you smile as well... 

Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hebron, OH (Friday, 6/11/93)
Eyes of the World
Playing in the Band ->
Uncle John's Band ->
Corina ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Wheel ->
Watchtower ->
Black Peter ->
Sugar Magnolia

Brokedown Palace

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Deadbus4 said...

Big smiles last great Ohio aho

The Ebb said...

The Ebb said...

I'm with you on the Black Peter. Always was a favorite of mine and even more since Patti Smith played it live that very sad evening many years ago. Thanks for what you do, The Ebb