Friday, December 13, 2013

Dead Show/podcast for 12/13/13

I've always been fond of how the band sounded in 1979, and this week's Deadpod shows some of the reasons why. Brett hadn't been in the band a year yet, but by now he is well integrated in the sound and you can really hear his contributions in this show from Kansas City. The rest of the band is quite tight as well, and in this first set the solid 'Jack Straw' and 'Loser' openers show us that we're in for a great night. Big River is rockin' as well, and the boys open up 'Althea' to some unusual spaces at the end. Phil has some excellent riffs throughout and especially in the closing China Cat->Rider.. 
All in all this is a solid first set, and I'm looking forward to sharing set two next week.. I hope you enjoy it! 

Grateful Dead

Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS (12/11/79)
Jack Straw
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Easy to Love You
New Minglewood Blues
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:
My thanks to those friends who have contributed to keep the Deadpod on the air! I very much appreciate your support..

Only two more Deadpods this year!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Professor,

Been loving the early 70's shows from the last few weeks. The 79 you posted today is another great one. You played it for us in late 2009. Great for your new listeners to have a chance to enjoy.

Thank you for all you do

the professor said...

Snap! I always try to search to see if I've posted a show already - this one got by me as I didn't use my standard date notation. My apologies. I will revise my plans for next week..

ginny McIntosh said...

Hi professor! Grate show I'm a new listener and I'd like to know where to send contributions ....just luv all that u do...ginny McIntosh

the professor said...

Thanks Ginny! very kind of you.. if you would email me at:
I'd be happy to send you an address to mail a contribution!!
Many thanks!
=the professor

oh samson said...

smokin china rider and as always althea!hhhhhhhhhhhhhha

Anonymous said...

I knew that I had heard the name of the venue on a previous 'Pod, but I assumed it was a different show and happily went with it. Glad I gave it another listen, because it was most enjoyable. Bob was in fine form on M&MU and Big River. Brent seemed quite tentative on his lead, as if he were holding back...perhaps he just hadn't found his confidence yet in that he did not yet feel like a full-fledged member of the band. Then again, Brent on an off-night is still better than most on their best. =) Great set, and I definitely plan on seeking out the second set, which already resides in my collection.