Friday, February 05, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 2/5/16

Here's a request from one of our listeners.. I could've sworn that I'd featured this one before but since I can't find in the archives I'm going to assume that's just a result of some busted synapses ;)
This one, from Lake Placid, NY, October 17th, 1983 is most renowned for this blistering opening 'Sugaree', which clocks in at over 16 minutes. The remainder of this first set is quite good as well, with highlights coming from a solid Brother Esau, Bird Song and Deal.. I think you'll enjoy this and I'm looking forward to next week's 2nd set as well, which features a great 'To Lay Me Down'..

Grateful Dead
Olympic Arena
Lake Placid, NY
10/17/83 - Monday


Sugaree [16:10] >
Little Red Rooster [8:56] ;
Friend Of The Devil [8:59] ;
My Brother Esau [5:23] ;
Bird Song [12:19] ;
Hell In A Bucket [6:19] >
Deal [10:27]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

The Deadpod is only possible through the kindness of my friends who help shoulder the costs through their kind contributions.
My thanks to you for allowing me to continue to share the magic.

Have a wonderful week full of light and love.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Professor! I noticed an inconsistency between the date you mentioned in your introductory paragraph, and the date included with the show's venue and set list. So, I checked, and confirmed that the show took place on 10/17/83; and, it was a Monday.

Just wanted to save others like me--who feel compelled to catalog the show properly--the trouble. =)

Have a good weekend, and hope all is well with you and yours!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I also thought that the venue sounded super familiar, and I couldn't imagine how I may have heard of it otherwise. The, when you mentioned that you thought you might have played it once before, I was convinced that I would discover it when I searched through my catalog of 'pods.

Having said that, nothing turned up. I also performed a google search of your site, which also turned up nothing. So, I suppose that you and I both heard it elsewhere. Although I don't frequent other sources of Dead music much, I did once download a Dead app on my phone, and listened to a handful of shows there...they have a "random" feature. So, maybe that could be it.

Anonymous said...

Jerry was so prominent in this set. I found the FOTD to be quite a ripping rendition, whereas it's frequently more subdued.

iratepenguin said...

Great TLMD next week!