Friday, February 12, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 2/12/16

Happy Valentines' Day Weekend! This week's second set from Lake Placid New York, October 17th, 1983 should bring a warm smile to any lover's heart as it contains a really wonderful 'To Lay Me Down'.. one of the most romantic of all Garcia's songs. Of course I don't want to minimize the enjoyment the remainder of this set will bring you. They start off with 'Touch', then move into 'Samson and Delilah'.. then the aforesaid 'To Lay Me Down' starts a nice combination as it rolls into 'Man Smart (Woman Smarter)' and Terrapin Station pre-Drums. Following Space, we get a fine version of 'The Wheel', a rocking 'Miracle' then they 'Go Down the Road Feelin' Bad' into a set-closing 'Good Lovin' That one features some interesting improvisation by Bobby.. listen for it..
They return for an unusual 'Revolution' encore to finish their one and only trip to the Olympic Arena in Lake Placid..

Grateful Dead
Olympic Arena
Lake Placid, NY
10/17/83 - Monday
Touch Of Grey [6:24] ;
Samson And Delilah [8:48] ;
To Lay Me Down [8:55] >
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) [7:05] ;
Terrapin Station [11:20#] >
Drums >
Space [11:05] >
The Wheel [6:49] >
I Need A Miracle [4:32] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:05] >
Good Lovin' [7:38]
Encore  Revolution [5:08]

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Have a warm and loving week!!


Anonymous said...

Howdy Professor - Love the tunes and thanks for sharing the wonderful music. For a change of pace - would you consider at Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia show - say in the 73-74 range? Muchos gracias!

the professor said...

I'd love to / unfortunately I received a cease and desist order under the digital millennium copyright act on behalf of the estate of Jerry Garcia that forbids me from playing any solo Jerry.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you can't play Jerry solo stuff?
Aren't you using mP3 format?
That should side-step anything because it's a lossy digital format?

digital millennium copyright ... What's that?
I'm going to google it.
Cool site. You might want to make sure the mP3 is safe. I believe it should be.


the professor said...

My hosting company received the letter from the attorneys for the Garcia estate. I won't lose them over this or get myself into any legal trouble for something I only do as a hobby and a service. Sorry.