Friday, April 06, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 04/06/07

This week we'll hear the rest of the second set from 11/9/79, Buffalo NY.
We'll begin with a jazzy Estimated Prophet, which goes into a heartfelt He's Gone. As the band goes into Drums and space a surprising Gloria jam foreshadows the rocking end of the second set.

Grateful Dead 11/09/79 Buffalo Auditorium Buffalo, NY
Estimated Prophet [13:12] > He's Gone (1) [19:08] > Drums [11:38] > Space [3:23] > Wharf Rat [11:22] > I Need A Miracle [4:02] > Bertha [6:15] > Good Lovin' [6:58]
Encore U.S. Blues [5:24]

As always you can listen to the deadpod here:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Professor - Great podcast! I've only just discovered you but have taken to listening on the way into work every day (have a loooonng commute and can easily fit in an entire episode each way).

The Dead Show is more important to my sanity than my morning coffee!

How's that for a slogan LOL.

Keep up the good work ;)


MC Smith said...

Thanks Proff...

Been getting your weekly here at my travilling Mac it live has really gotten me back into my younger psyches...

I'd love to fly a sticker but all the versions are to high profile for my car. Can we make one that is chamelion style. We'd know what it was.???

Keep rollin'

MC Smith
UBG Action Media

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful set, through and through! They flow from high energy to heartfelt so seamlessly. Wharf Rat was just gorgeous. Brent's energy was palpable; and Bob's guitar was particularly present in the mix, so one can easily discern some of his more subtle stylings. In fact, the mix was excellent, except for Phil being more difficult to make out. A little surprised that they didn't play Truckin'...the Buffalo crowd probably would've gone nuts!

Hey,'s 2014 now, but do you have any bumper stickers left? =)

the professor said...

Yes I do - drop me an email