Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bumperstickers are IN! - KOPN Fund Drive

At long last, and due to the efforts of several of my loyal and talented listeners, I have brand new Deadpod bumperstickers!
I'd be more than happy to send one of these out to anyone who either makes a contribution to the Deadpod and KOPN, or if you've done that recently, to anyone who sends me a SASE.. Details below..

I could NOT decide between the two versions.. let me know which one you want when you request yours!!!

KOPN 89.5 FM is also conducting a "Keep It Quiet" Fundraising Drive.. if the station raises its goal of $30,000 by May 6th, they will CANCEL the fundraising drive.. So your contributions now will help us to substantially shorten the fundraising time! And you can get a sticker too :)

If you're making a contribution using the 'contribute now' button, just drop me an email telling me if you want the 'stealie' version or the 'be grateful' version.. same thing if you're sending me a business sized self-addressed stamped envelope. If you're sending me an envelope, I'd love it if you could send along a couple bucks to cover the cost of the sticker..

If you're sending the envelope, address it to:
John Henrikson
1605 Skylane Dr.
Columbia MO 65202-1712

be sure you have a self addressed, stamped envelope inside with that $2. :)

I hope you enjoy these, I think they came out really really well!!!

all the best,
the professor