Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 09/07/07

First off a sincere thank you to all of you who passed along your warm and kind get well wishes to me this week. I was in the hospital because I had an aneurysm in my leg that blocked the blood flow pretty completely. They did a vein graft in there and while I'm still pretty gimpy, at least I'm not in the hospital so I'm thankful for that.
I wanted to get a show up this week, and I think you'll enjoy this one, which was just recently released in a complete form...

Grateful Dead Cincinnati Gardens Cincinnati, OH
Date 12/4/73 - Tuesday
One Johnny B. Goode ; Sugaree ; Me And My Uncle ; China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; El Paso ; Deal ; Big River ; Tennessee Jed ;

As always you can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for your support, friends....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the show Prof, and glad to hear you are on the road to recovery! Stay well!!


lethedoom said...

Welcome back Professor and good luck with your healing and physical therapy.

I noticed that this Dead Show file is about half the usual size and at
96kbps instead of the 128kbps of former posts.

There has been bitter reaction to the recent changes at the
DeadNet Tapers Section and Grateful Dead Hour posts, in part because not even a rudimentary explanation of why access to the music had been downgraded was offered. I hope you will restore the 128kbps quality or at least tell us why you downgraded the posting quality next week.

Thank you for all of the wonderful music you have shared with us and archived.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, and feel well!

I just love 73 and the more the better.

I'm also worried about the 96kbps thing. I hope it's not going to stay that way

the professor said...

My bad. my main production computer crashed just before I got sick. I restored it but apparently the settings for this application were not restored correctly. I will re-upload this week's show at the correct encoding. My apologies - thanks for pointing it out.

Jersey Todd said...


We've only until now had a very one way relationship, i.e. you talking to me...however, I had to drop you a quick note wishing you a speedy recover, and for being a part of my weekly podcast listening habit.

Come by and check me out at


Mike said...

Welcome back - glad to hear that your recovery is on track. Over the last many moons you have become a part of my Friday train ride home from work and I truly missed hearing your voice last week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Professor,
You made a new Deadhead of 48 Years. Thank you! Question: Do the Pod casts on Itunes time-out? Seems like I can only listen once and must delete before I can get the next show. I'd hate to lose the Providence RI. show. My favorite after 3 months of listening. Be well, Danny

chlywhly said...

good things do come to those that wait! =o) thanks for the show but please take care of yourself first so that you can then take care of us second. peace and have a GrAtEfUl DaY!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Very happy to hear you're doing well; wishing you a full and speedy recovery. All the best to you and your family.

Thanks again for keeping the music going!

David Gans said...

Hey John - my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and I've passed the news along to your friends on the WELL, too.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about the curve-ball that life has recently thrown your way. Sending speedy healing energy your way.

Thanks so much for sharing the music. It really is a wonderful gift to receive every week. Keep it up!

ps: more 77ish :)

-from the rocky shores of Maine

Anonymous said...

Professor, I missed you last week and am glad you are back. Best wishes for a swift and complete recovery. Thanks for all the great music!

Jerry Wilcox said...

Professor --

Glad to see you back and on the road to recovery. We were traveling, so missed the whole episode.

Keep on Truckin'

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,

I was wondering where the podcast was last week! You were missed. I hope that you are feeling better and regaining your strength. What a comeback this week...GREAT SHOW! Love the China Cat and I Know You Rider. Keep up the great work, your show is such a treat.

Best Wishes to you from New York City.

David said...

Jon: speedy recovery and thanks for all the GD tunes. I never get tired of listening...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are well and I would like to thank you for the podcasts.

I have introduced and hooked my 11 year old son on Dead music thanks to your show. Estimated is his favorite song and he gets even more pumped up every time there is a "new" one for him to listen to.

Once again, thanks.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Glad you're alright.

Anonymous said...

This is a very welcome resource for those of us who need a regular fix of new Dead shows.

I sure hope that Rhino and the Dead organization don't shut your download capability down. You might be aware that the Taper's Section recently went to a streaming-only format after allowing MP3 downloads for about 10 months.

Keep up the grate selections. You are appreciated here on the east coast.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous first set from year of my birth!