Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 09/28/07

It took me a bit to decide what to bring you this week, but after I ran across this show I knew it was the right choice.. This is one of those classic live Dead sets from 1969, this one comes from Boulder CO, April 13th. It features everything you'd expect - great Pigpen raps, wild, far-out jamming and some magnificent moments from Garcia - most notably on the Dark Star and the Eleven. Personally, I'm always blown away by a really well-played and heartfelt Death Don't Have No Mercy - it ends the set I'm bringing you this week. I hope you enjoy it...
(note there are some anomalies - Lovelight cuts early, Doin' that Rag is cut at the start and the Dark Star has a splice.. still I think the outstanding quality more than makes up for them.... )

Grateful Dead Ballroom - University of Colorado Boulder, CO
Date 4/13/69 - Sunday
One [1:45:18 +] Turn On Your Love Light [24:55#] % Doin' That Rag [#4:18] ; [0:45] ; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [8:09] ; [1:05] ; Morning Dew [11:02] [0:14] % Dark Star [24:01] > St. Stephen [7:50] > The Eleven [13:02] > Death Don't Have No Mercy [9:55]

As always you can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


Scott said...

Just wanted to say thanks for this and all the other shows. Hope your health is improving and things are ok. I'm sure you know how valuable this is to those of us who regularly tune in, but thanks, once more, anyway.

Bill said...

This is indeed a superb and classic 1969 show. It is the rare Dark Star that has as much continuous energy as this one, approaching the justly famous one on Live/Dead. Great playing on all the tunes and sound is excellent. Thanks. Keep up the good work and get better soon.

Rob Olson said...

Add my thanks to Scott's for your efforts here, and I also hope you're well again very soon.

Rob Olson
Hillsdale, MI

Anonymous said...

Professor, Thanks so much for bringing us these tasty shows. I look forward to the new show each Friday. I hope you're feeling better. I'm new to your website and just wanted to say thanks.

Jim Manning Jr. said...

Hey ,This is some of the best Grateful Dead I've heard in ages...I just suffered a great personal loss and one of the things I find myself looking forward to is Fridays new posting...Keep up the great work spreading these CLASSIC shows ......Also I hope you get well soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a really fantastic show. Thanks so much!