Friday, October 05, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 10/05/07

This week a rockin' show from 1984 - a year not usually featured on the deadpod but certainly this is a fine example of some classic Dead! I'm sure you'll enjoy the Feel Like a Stranger Althea combo!!

Also this week marks the start of KOPN's fall membership drive. This is when I have to ask you for your support to keep the Deadpod coming every week. I would so appreciate it if you could see to click the 'contribute now' button on the right hand of the home page and contribute some money to keep the Deadpod and KOPN on the air. We can't do this without your generous support!!

Grateful Dead Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD
6/26/84 - Tuesday
One Casey Jones [5:59] ; Feel Like A Stranger [7:32] ; Althea [8:00] ; Cassidy [6:08] ; Tennessee Jed [7:58] > Looks Like Rain [6:32#] > Might As Well [4:47]
Two China Cat Sunflower [7:17] > I Know You Rider [5:39] ; Man Smart (Woman Smarter) [6:27]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:


John D. Blake said...

Glad to make a donation. I always look forward to Friday mornings when I hear

"Hello, and welcome to Deadpod for the week of ..."


mike said...

The professor is sick! I love deadpod more than apple pie and Holloween combined. I want to request the greatest dead year 74. Maby a Cow Palace first set-something supper heady. Dead heady that is.

Jim said...

Did not kow where else to put this so I will post it here.

For Halloween, I always put the speakers in the window and put in Infared Roses. I put the following on a loop - Track 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Somewhat scarey for the little kids, but really an excuse to blast the Dead out my window at night!! Enjoy.

Steve said...

Professor, please keep up the fantastic work. Keep your Dicks Picks 3, I have my own. The bigger question is, "where do you get all of your material?" If you are looking for a particular show let me know, I may be able to help. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks professor for passing on your love for the music. I have a request how about celebrating the 40th Anniversary of DeKalb, IL 10/29/77 in the coming weeks? As 77 is one of my favorite years I love the excuse for listening to these gems!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear Althea. One of my favorites that doesn't come up too often! Thank you!

Andy said...

hope you're feeling better Prof.
loving all the choice picks here in Boston.