Friday, November 02, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 11/02/07

This week I'm trying something crazy - this week's Deadpod is an entire, complete show from 1976. This is a *huge* file folks, and I hope that you are all able to listen to this and enjoy this really unique show. I'm doing this as a favor to one of the friends of the Deadpod who is running in this weekend's NYC Marathon, and hoped to get to hear a complete show. I've also had requests for a mid-70s show and a 'help->slip->Franklin's'.. well this show has an epic Franklin's so I really hope that all of you have the time and bandwidth to hear it all.. Thanks for your understanding and we'll see how this one goes - I couldn't possibly post something this large every week, but what the hell, let's see how it goes!! And Best of luck to you David, and anyone else in the Marathon!

Grateful Dead
Venue Community War Memorial Auditorium Rochester, NY
Date 9/27/76 - Monday
One The Promised Land [3:58] % They Love Each Other [6:53] % El Paso [3:59] % Deal [4:32] % Looks Like Rain [7:48] % Row Jimmy [9:33] % It's All Over Now [5:28] % Loser [7:39] % Lazy Lightnin' [2:42] > Supplication [5:03] % Brown Eyed Women [4:35] % The Music Never Stopped [6:11]
Two Might As Well [5:59] % Samson And Delilah [6:38] % Help On The Way [4:54] > Slipknot! [7:33] > Drums [5:50] > The Other One [9:55] > Wharf Rat [10:39] > Slipknot! [2:21] > Franklin's Tower [17:32] > Around And Around [7:01]
Encore U.S. Blues [5:43]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:


Robert said...


Long time listener, first time poster :-) Wanted to say thank you for the wonderful music! Nice to hear some of the gems that you have pulled out of your hat for the rest of us. I only can enjoy your podcast, since I physically don't live near you. So again, thank you and enjoy the fall days!

lincoln said...

A birthday show! My former 'completest' self really loves that you posted a full show.

Ron Shevlin said...

Thanks for the show. And if your friend can do the marathon in the time it takes to listen to this show, then he or she should be one of the early finishers!

Tom said...


Thanks for the full show!!
No bandwidth problem here keep them coming.

Dave said...

Professor: you're awesome! Thanks for the whole show. It looks like a great set list, and I'm sure it will help carry me through. Thanks again!

R H Cooper said...

Ditto on the "awesome". Thanks for posting up the complete show. Wonderful to see you're up and at it again. You crazy old friend you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Professor, What you do here is an absloutely amazing resource and service to the public. Sharing these select shows in this format is a treat not only for Dead fans, but for anyone interested in the pinnacle of live Rock and Roll.
I'd sign up for your class any day!

Anonymous said...

I love getting an entire show on the podcast thuis week!!! Awesome. I wish it could changes to this. A full show every friday would be perfect! Can the Deadshow continue like this for the future?

PJ Bergkvist

Jerry Wilcox said...


Loved the whole show. Thanks for posting it and I hope there will be more of these.


Alex said...

There's no such thing as too much Dead Show, and this outstanding pick is proof! Thanks for the nod to my request, and what a mid-70s show it is: the L.L. Rain just SHIMMERS. This is incredible stuff. We're all so grateful. Thanks.

amy said...

Loved, loved, loved getting a longer show. No worries on this end!

Congrats to your listener who ran the marathon - can we find out how he did?

Anonymous said...

I love this Podcast so freakin much... thank YOU!!!

You have impeccable taste in selecting these.

There was a recent show that I would never have listened to on my own (a Vince era show... sorry... but so many are unlistenable to me) and knowing I could trust your judgement, I let it spin and loved it.

Thank you SO MUCH for this stuff

..and Please do post more full shows..

Anonymous said...

Another longtime listener here who just had to chime in on your 11/2 podcast. You seemed worried/concerned about posting an entire show.... Don't be - it's fantastic, and I'd definitely like to see more!

Thanks for sharing your time and efforts with the Dead community - we really appreciate it

Anonymous said...

I agree... never too much Dead. Thank you for an amazing show in its entirety. PLEASE BRING US MORE!! I love the Dead and the Professor!!

Anonymous said...

More More More!

No bandwidth probs here, either. It took about 15 seconds to download instead of the normal 10 (or whatever).

Keep those long-format shows coming Professor!

Thanks for picking ME up :)

Anonymous said...

Long time listener, first time posting,greatly enjoyed the full show podcast, I vote to keep it going

Jim said...

Ditto on the whole show. Not my fav year but pizza, sex and grateful dead shows...all good, some better than others!

Keep it going!


Steve said...

Professor -

I'm a huge fan of the podcast - thank you for sharing your passion for music with us.

I've been wondering if/when you would ever play a whole show in its entirety. It's not too long at all - would love to see you do this more often!

I'm a huge fan of '70s dead, especially when Donna shines, so keep 'em coming!

Much appreciation,

ChipJr3 said...


Brother you rock. Casting a whole show was way awesome though it is kind of fun to have too anticipate the second set of the previous podcast. I totally support you in casting wholw shows like this. It really helps me get through the week !
Chip in Tampa

Anonymous said...

Cheers Professor-
Listening for the some time, first time poster. Thanks so so much for the podcasts. beautiful extension of the tape-trading we all enjoyed all those years ago; except you do the work and we give back so little. Sorry.

Two things: first thanks for the complete show for the brave one running the NY marathon (what a great recording) and second thanks for the show for Virginia Tech earlier this year (little late, sorry). I am a grad of VT (PhD 92) and that show was my second (first was at the RIchmond Mosque '76). You were very kind and appropriate. May the goodness come back to you.

The message at
is for you and other very kind people.

Be and do good.