Friday, November 23, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 11/23/07

I sure hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I came across this gem while I was thinking of what to play this week - as you know I enjoy playing acoustic music around the holidays and so I hope you'll enjoy this Jerry Garcia/John Kahn show as much as I do..

Jerry Garcia and John Kahn
4-21-1982 Beacon Theater, New York, NY - Late Show
Set 1 (47 minutes)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Stagger Lee Dire Wolf
Valerie Run For The Roses I've Been All Around This World
Friend Of The Devil Deep Elem Blues
Set 2 (41 minutes)
Jack-A-Roe Sing Me Back Home Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie Gomorrah
Going, Going, Gone Ripple Reuben And Cherise
Encore (7 minutes)
Goodnight Irene (1)
Notes Dr. John opened. Guests (1) Dr. John (piano)

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for putting this show up. all of my favorites in one show.

Michael said...

Wow....what a pretty show. It always amazes me to hear how synergistic John and Jerry were together.

Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can beat a clean clear acoustic show with Jerry in good voice. Loved the Ripple and the creative Goodnight Irene finish.

Happy Holiday to you Professor. You give us so much to share.

Anonymous said...

Great show I really like this set list...keep it coming during these holidays.

Anonymous said...

great call on the acoustic, and a belated thanks for the full show a few weeks ago. that was great!

i'd love to hear any more acoustic (workingman's dead era) if you get the chance!

thanks for everything!

Jim said...

What I found great was Jerry's playing. To go off on leads with only a base behind you is pretty impressive and his sound was just great. His solo on Jack-a-roe was crazy good. A real gem, this one.

William said...


Hello. Sorry to bother you but when should I expect to receive the three from the vault CD? I am looking forward to the listen. Keep up the amazing work! Bill

the professor said...

William - to be sure you can email me personally - I can't tell who you are here - BUT I sent out the last of them this week, if yours was one of those you should have it in the next few days.. THANKS!
the professor

Anonymous said...

I've listened to this show four times now. I'm not sure if that says more about me or Jerry! Keep up the good work, Prof!

BigJerry said...

Thanks so much for this acoustic set, Professor. I've enjoyed it multiple times and will listen over and over. Especially liked the Ripple and the Dire Wolf.

Brother Nature said...

This is one of my favorites on the deadpod. I keep coming back to this one. Great show, great set, great vibes. I love it

Anonymous said...

So much that could be said about this wonderful show, but I choose to highlight the Stagger Lee: hearing that in acoustic fashion was quite special.