Friday, November 16, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 11/16/07

This week we will finish listening to the 2nd set of the Grateful Dead's historic 10/16/74 performance at Winterland in San Francisco. This is a very jamming, almost experimental piece of music as the band really explores some different spaces, especially on songs like Eyes of the World. I hope you'll enjoy it..

Grateful Dead Winterland
San Francisco, CA 10/16/74
Wharf Rat > Space >Eyes Of The World; Big River; Ship Of Fools ; Truckin' >
GDTRFB> Uncle John's Band ;Johnny B. Goode
Encore U.S. Blues

As always you can hear this week's Deadpod here:

I'm thankful for your support and hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving..


Bill said...

The spacey stuff is really very involved during this period. It is kind of interesting that at the same time they were really getting out there they were also feeling so burned out that they wanted to take a hiatus. Not my favorite period of their music, but it sort of resembles 1969 when they would do long jam after jam with Dark Star, the Other One and Caution, all in the same show.

wtofd said...

Have a great Thanksgiving and thank you, Prof.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Professor, from Loveland Colorado!
Lengthy listener, first time poster. Thanks so much for the show for the brave soul running the marathon- hope it was a successful effort! what a super show- still love 72-76.

And a a belated thanks for the show for Virginia Tech earlier this this year. I am a VT grad (PhD 92) and the show at VT was the second I saw (first @ Richmond Mosque). May the goodness come back to you!

Be and do good.

Alex said...

1974 is definitely my favorite year. In my opinion, these deep and jazzy spaces are a lot more rewarding than the jams of the Sixties. This stuff is unreal.

Uncle John said...

just stumbled into this podcast... thanks a bunch professor!

John said...

Wow! Awesome Space!
Thanks so much.