Friday, January 04, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 01/04/08

Happy New Year everyone! While I was looking through the collection for some requested music from Reconstruction, I came across this gem which I thought I should share with you as the first show of the new year.. This comes to us from 1975, and I really enjoy the sound on this even though it *is* an audience front of board recording.. I hope you enjoy it too....

Legion of Mary, 5/22/1975 Keystone, Berkeley CA
set one: Tore Up Over You, Little Sunflower, I Feel Like Dynamite, Every Word You Say, Mystery Train
set two: He Ain't Give You None, Boogie On Reggae Woman, When I Die, Going, Going Gone, (I'm A) Road Runner

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

I hope you enjoy it and as always thanks for your support!!


Anonymous said...

Hi all, This may not be the appropriate place, but could someone help an old dinosaur?

I attended the Red Rocks concert on 7/8/78, and would really like to download it. I found the podcasts of the second set in the archive, but have no idea how to download them. I can get them to stream, but no more. I'm using a Mac. Don't own an iPod. Have never messed with podcasts before.

Also any idea where the first set of this remarkable show is?

Please forgive my old brain. Jerry ate my neurons

Thanks, Bill

Anonymous said...

Here's an attempt to help Bill. Depending on what operating system you're using, if you hold your cursor over the Podcast listing (you should see a little hand); then hold down the alt/option key and Click your mouse at the same time. The show should download. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. That worked like a charm.

Perhaps someday the Prof will podcast the first set of this show. It was a transcendent evening for me, and the rest of the crowd. The mushrooms helped, I guess.


the professor said...

Indeed a great show.. not sure about when I can podcast that first set.. remind me again if I don't get around to it soon ok??? I really need these kind of suggestions.. thanks!

Shaun said...

This set was amazing. It's always good to hear Jerry get down on some jazzy stuff. Thanks for bringing this show to light Professor! The sound quality was also great for an AUD recording.

beach_trees20 said...

I have listened to this cast at least 20 times so far. I am a fairly new fan of the Grateful Dead and have not heard music like this from them yet. I absolutely love it. I hope you put more sets like this up soon!

Alex said...

I hope this isn't way to late to help Bill out, but I know that the complete 7/8/78 show was podcasted. The first half of the show is available on a post a week earlier.

I can sympathize with Bill's enthusiasm. It's a killer show...

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff! I can never get enough of this lineup.

It's too bad that the mix didn't favor the keyboards and vocals in the third song, because despite being subdued, it was nevertheless evident that some real wizardry was happening on those keys!

I was listening to this show while doing yard work; and by the time Going, Going, Gone rolled around, a light rain was was rather magical to hear so sweet a song as the raindrops danced on and around me.