Friday, January 18, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 01/18/08

This week's Deadpod has two parts - first off, a great first set from a legendary show - 10/17/78, the first of the "From Egypt with Love" shows marking the band's return from the famous tour of Egypt to Winterland.. This week we'll hear the first set, including a wonderful Jack Straw closer.. I hope you'll enjoy it..
The second part is an interview I recorded with Donna Jean (Godchaux) McKay last week. We discuss Donna's new cd: "Donna Jean & the Tricksters" as well as Jerry and the Grateful Dead... I hope you enjoy it!

Grateful Dead Winterland Arena San Francisco, CA
Date 10/17/78 - Tuesday
One The Promised Land [4:15] ; Friend Of The Devil [7:59] ; Mama Tried [2:31] > Mexicali Blues [3:31] ; Tennessee Jed [8:15] ; I Need A Miracle [6:21] ; Stagger Lee [5:50] ; Jack Straw [6:25]

During interview: "All I Gotta Say" - from "Donna Jean & The Tricksters" and
"I'll Be With Thee" - Jerry Garcia Band , 3/18/78 Warner Theater Washington DC

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

Donna Jean & The Tricksters website is here:

Her new cd will be released on Jan 29th, you can pre-order it here:

As always thanks for listening and for your kind support!


lethedoom said...

Hi Professor,

I think the link to the 01-18-08 podcast is broken--maybe a misprint of 01-18 as 01-16 is the culprit. The result of clicking on it is transport to an error code statement. I hope you can fix it--I always enjoy your fine music offerings.


the professor said...

Thanks lethedoom! i appologize for the error - all fixed now..

the professor.

James_CPI said...


You know... this is one of those shows that is so bittersweet. What a gift we were given by being able to have the Grateful Dead in our lives, and what terrible thing to have to lose.

This show is so remarkable. You had mentioned that Jack Straw was the standout,but I think is the Tennessee Jed... normally Tennessee Jed is sort of a second or even third tier song for me... but here it is performed so well that it, like so many of the shows you offer, made me look at the Dead from yet another (how is another even possible) angle...

Thank you SO much... would you consider running this whole series of "From Egypt with Love" shows?

From Vermont,

James_CPI said...

... oh yeah... I like the new Donna stuff! She sounds great! Thanks for the interview :)

Anonymous said...

Just discovered the podcasts. Such a treat. Thank you! Thank you! Keep up the good work.

Larry said...

Hi all-
Newbe just discovered podcast as well-I feel like I have come home-thank you professor and friends.

Two questions: Can I download the shows to listen to off line (and how)

Can I subscribe to the podcast so that the show up in my itunes each week?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciate from your new fan in California.


Alex said...

I just want to say, I've really enjoyed the recent Jerry solo material. Any chance of a Godchaux-era Garcia Band show? I'd love to hear something highlighting Jerry/Keith interplay outside the Grateful Dead.

the professor said...

Larry - yes you can download the shows and listen to them - on the computer (depending on whether you are on a Mac or PC) right click and choose save link as.. (that's how it works for Firefox on the PC)
The show is on itunes - if you go to podcasts then do a search on Grateful Dead you'll find it easy enough and can subscribe there..


indie911 said...

Hi Professor,

I LOVE the podcast - I'm a new listener. I also run indie911 - a large online community for music. I'm also a huge dead fan (Oakland/Shoreline/90's are my sweet spots :)

We'd love to do something with your podcast, and you. Please contact me - i know there could be some mutual benefit.

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Anonymous said...

A very good set all the way around, I particularly enjoyed the Stagger Lee, a song that continues to grow on me.

I gotta say that I thought Donna's new song was VERY good In fact, I don't think she's ever sounded better! Good for her!