Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 4/18/08

This week we get to savor a truly outstanding audience recording of one of the best shows of the early 1980s - October 10th, 1982 at the Frost Ampitheater in Palo Alto CA.
The band comes charging out right from the gate, with of all things, a mad "Minglewood Blues" that will blow you away. Brent really shines on the 'Far From Me' a little later in the first set, and the China-Rider is exquisite. All in all I'm sure you'll enjoy this first set and we'll play the second set of this show next week...

Grateful Dead Frost Amphitheatre - Stanford University Palo Alto, CA
Date 10/10/82 - Sunday
One New Minglewood Blues [7:23] > Sugaree [10:11] > Little Red Rooster [7:35] ; Tennessee Jed [8:10] ; Cassidy [5:54] ; Loser [7:00] ; Far From Me [3:59] > Looks Like Rain [8:45] ; China Cat Sunflower [6:17] > I Know You Rider [5:32]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks so much for listening and for your support! Enjoy..

p.s. It's true that I first podcast this show in June of '06, and if I hadn't been in a rush this week (I'm taking my kids camping this weekend) I probably would have caught that and not chosen this show again. However this version really stands up and I hope you enjoy it.. thanks!!!


glauber said...

Oh wow! This one is great! Thanks! Nothing like a great audience recording to put you "there". Great energy, they were really on.

jamacker said...

I never mind listening to an exquisite China-Rider. Thanks for the great show! I am looking forward to hearing the second set again.I have been wondering when the last time you posted a show with a Terrapin Station? Have a great time camping.

Vinnyt said...

This is a great pod cast is there any way to go back and get some of the early ones?? I'm sad I didn't find this sooner.

Anonymous said...

Prof: If you're inclined, I might suggest an 8/27/72 at some time in the future. After your camping trip, there's a Dark Star in that show that would be a nice reminder. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there is an audience tape of this show. The show was broadcast on KFOG. really enjoyed this one.
Lookin' forward to some acoustic Dead it being springtime and all.

Vinnyt said...

how do we reach the professor?

the professor said...

you can reach me at:

-the professor