Friday, August 29, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 8/29/08

This week, the conclusion of their powerful set from 7/31/74. What a time to be a Deadhead! This show featured 3 powerful sets - this week we'll listen to the end of set 2, and all of set 3.. There's plenty of wonderful jamming and singing on these songs - I especially love the 'Ramble on Rose' and 'To Lay Me Down' - and be sure to listen to the 'Mind Left Body jam' after 'Truckin' - great stuff!!

Grateful Dead Dillon Stadium Hartford, CT 7/31/74 - Wednesday
Ship Of Fools [5:58] ; Weather Report Suite Prelude [1:18] > Weather Report Suite Part 1 [4:16] > Let It Grow [11:11]
Three El Paso [4:04] ; Ramble On Rose [6:04] ; Greatest Story Ever Told [5:39]; To Lay Me Down [7:34] ; Truckin' [17:04] > Mind Left Body Jam [7:22] > Spanish Jam [5:27] > Wharf Rat [9:38] ; U.S. Blues [5:15] ; One More Saturday Night
Encore Uncle John's Band

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend and see you back here next week!!


Mihael said...

I am a little confused about the label. The show if for Labor Day weekend, 8/29/08, yet it says 6/27/08. I'm trippin'

Thanks for all the hard work. Great show.

the professor said...

my bad - sorry about the error on the title - fixed now!
-the professor

Simon said...

Is there any consensus on what the "mind left body jam" actually is? I've seen the jam between China-Rider during the 70's labeled MLB, and have seen the MLB that is cited in this week's show as "Heaven Help the Fool Jam"....and what about Mud Love Buddy???

Always love the shows, you seem to always find the gems..

mizzoutigers88 said...

To answer Simon, the mind left body jam is what they play this show, and in 11/11/73 Dark Star, and 10/19/73 Dark Star, and 4/8/72 Dark Star, and it is also most clearly heard perhaps as the Mud Love Buddy Jam from 3/24/90. It is not the jam between China Rider or Heaven Help the Fool.

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

Thanks for your comment mizzoutigers88. I always thought the MLBJ was the jam between China Cat and IKYR. So what IS the name of this jam.

And thanks to Professor for pointing out this show - possibly the best China/Rider!!!

Anonymous said...

A superb finish to a special show.