Friday, August 22, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 8/22/08

This week's Deadpod goes back to the fabulous summer of 1974 - I think its clear from listening to this show that the band is really putting out some fabulous music.
Not only is the show distinguished by an opening Scarlet Begonias, but I think you'll agree that the China-Rider and the Eyes are distinguished by their intensity and beauty..

Grateful Dead Dillon Stadium Hartford, CT 7/31/74 - Wednesday
One Scarlet Begonias [8:06] ; Me And My Uncle [2:53] ; Brown Eyed Women [4:52] ; Beat It On Down The Line [3:20] ; Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [8:24] > It Must Have Been The Roses [5:19] ; Mexicali Blues [3:26] ; Row Jimmy [7:57#] ; Jack Straw [4:52] ; China Cat Sunflower [9:27] > I Know You Rider [5:05] ; Around And Around [4:54]
Two Bertha [5:14] ; Big River [4:52] ; Eyes Of The World [17:46] > China Doll [4:21] ; The Promised Land [2:58]

We'll hear the rest of this fabulous show next week...

You can listen to the Deadpod here:



Alex said...

If I could only take one China/Rider with me to the ends of the earth, I'd pick this one, even over 6/26/74. It's that good. Good to see this fantastic show given an always-deserved outing.

Thomas said...

A fab show - thanks very much - I'm playing it now as I type this comment.

One small suggestion - could you please add the date of the show into the first few characters of the blog post? The reason - I have a Zune and can never see the show date when I see the show on the Zune. This week, for example, what I see in the Zune ends with the text"...that the band is really". So without listening to your comments, I can't see what date the show is (and I'm a tad partial to 77 and earlier - an GOGD fan you might say).

Thanks for all the good tunes - I spend a lot of time listening to you podcast and it's great. Starting the podcast description with the show date would really help.

One other suggestion: how about a Jerry show or two. For example, you'd be hard pressed to beat jgb75-01-27 - a killer Road Runner and Catfish John! Contact me if you need a copy of the show (tfl{at}! said...

Are there any great recorded shows from Ventura County Fairgrounds, California available? The shows there were consistently amazing, as was the vibe for all attending. My buddies and I always were close enough to call out to Jerry and call him our uncle. If I missed one on this show, could someone guide me to it. Love this show tough, particularly China/Rider.

glauber said...

You're right, the Eyes is beautiful. Thank you!

Phil said...

Try renaming the file. I started doing that myself and it works nicely on my ipod. I actually name the file with the date, location, and song list - makes for a long name, but then I can seek out those Dark Stars and Eyes and Sunshines and all the rest when I need them! Good luck.

Thanks Professor for your work.

Anonymous said...

Great Half-Step on this one, rivals the famous one from Englishtown '77

Anonymous said...

Great Half-Step on this one, rivals the famous one from Englishtown '77

Robert Forman, Santa Fe New Mexico

Thomas said...

Phil - THANKS for your comment. Unfortunately, I can't find any easy way, using the Zune software, to rename files. The Zune Software sucks. :-(

But having listened to this section of the show a lot recently, the music on this podcast is stunning. The China/Rider here is I think the best they've every played.

Thanks Professor! And thanks for listening to my suggestion to play some Solo Jerry. PLEASE look into jgb75-01-27 for future podcasts.

Anonymous said...

So many notables here, cannot do them all justice. I like the "alternative" beat used in Bertha, and love the way that Eyes devolves/melts into China Doll.