Friday, August 08, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 8/08/08

Somehow the fact that this is a partial show .. all that exists from a phenomenal performance - befits the significance of the date.

I am honored to be able to keep bringing this music to you, my friends, and I hope as you listen to this set and reflect on Garcia that you feel the light of the love which is the Grateful Dead fill you.

Grateful Dead Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley, CA
8/25/72 - Friday
One (1) Cold Rain And Snow [5:51] ; (2) Black Throated Wind [5:56] ; He's Gone [8:42] (3) ; (4) Beat It On Down The Line [3:08] ; Loser [6:27] ; The Frozen Logger [0;39] ; (5) El Paso [4:36] ; Black Peter ; Jack Straw ; Friend Of The Devil ; The Promised Land ; Bird Song ; Playing In The Band ; Bertha
Two Truckin' > Jam > The Other One

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


Anonymous said...

great show. listen in chicago.
i enjoy the dead now even more than in the past. i have been listening to new shows since jerry past.

i hope all is well with all deadheads. it has been an interesting 13 years.

where would the band be now if ?


Bill L. said...

this one is spectacular! thanks.

Anonymous said...

Professor, A simply perfect selection. Thank you.

dave said...

bertha remaster? just got the DVD-A. you have just saved me the conversion for my ipod. thank you for one of the best sounding SBDs ever!

Sal said...

This show is incredible especially that version of Loser. Any idea what is missing? Im very interested in knowing.

Michael said...

Professor, You outdid yourself with this find!

Amazing show which is smooth as silk. Please keep it up, your podcast makes weekends complete.

Thomas said...

Hi all--is anyone else having trouble accessing the last two podcasts using iTunes?

Vermont's August West Fest yesterday in Jay, Vermont was great--a nice gathering of young and old to celebrate Jerry.


Anonymous said...

itunes has been working fine for me... This set list is amazing.

Thomas said...

Sorry to add this to the comments on the 8/8/08 show. Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem. If I go to the itunes store to report a problem, it also gives me an error message. I'm not having trouble with any other podcasts.

the professor said...

Thomas -
this is the first I've heard of a problem..
can you download the episode from the deadpod web page?

thanks -
the professor.

Anonymous said...

greatful dead

gr8fulmouse said...

I'm trying to listen to some of the older Dead Show podcasts and am having trouble with all before 4/28/06. It looks like the servers changed at that time. Does anyone know if the older podcasts were moved to another server and the blogger page was never updated?

the professor said...

some hope, somehow, of running a server at home that could serve out those pages.. Those earlier podcasts lived on my personal PC - after it died and I replaced it with a Vista machine I no longer had the ability to serve up podcasts (albeit a small number at a very slow rate).
But yes, unfortunately for now they are not available.. Sorry.
-the professor

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Professor.

Steve B said...

This show was just 2 days before the legendary "Sunshine Daydream" concert in Veneta, OR. That was a great period for the Dead.

jzwanzig said...

This is a very good show but it's an interesting period, after Pigpen and without Mickey, but before the really excellent studio work on Wake of the Flood and Terrapin came out. I think what's really striking here is how good Jerry's vocals are, especially on Black Peter and Friend of the Devil. Let's face it, and I love the band, but singing quality (as opposed to lyrics) were never their strongest suit (although Donna always stood out). So on this show, where the singing is really excellent, it's extra noticeable.

Anonymous said...

Yowza what a show!

nature boy said...

Hi Professor,

First, thank you so much for picking out these fantastic shows and making them easily accessible to the masses. It's a wonderful service you provide, and I'm grateful.

Now then, the podcast XML file ( ) doesn't have an entry for this show. It shouldn't matter what podcast software users use; something is wrong on your end. I was able to download the show from the link on your blog though.

Once again, thanks for enriching all our lives.

Anonymous said...

I've got those early shows. I think that I've got al of them. I'll gladly drag them to a mem stick and send them to The Professor.

Anonymous said...

I'm only three songs into this one, and I can already tell that this show is special...