Friday, September 19, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 9/19/08

While I only have the second set of this show, I think you'll agree that it's well worth your time. This show features a wonderful pre-Drums seven song segment that starts with a rousing China-Rider, then goes into a rare Stranger->Comes a Time sequeway. Always a favorite, the Comes A Time is blusey and very well played. The band then drives into Estimated into a wonderful He's Gone and a very unexpected Uncle John's Band before a short Drums and Space. The rest of the show is equally well-played - then they pull out a rare double encore to confirm they had as much fun as we do listening.

Grateful Dead
Hartford Civic Center Hartford, CT 5/10/80 - Saturday
Two China Cat Sunflower [6:36] > I Know You Rider [7:03] ; Feel Like A Stranger [7:45] > Comes A Time [8:42] ; Estimated Prophet [10:45] > He's Gone [14:53] > Uncle John's Band [7:32] > Space [3:52] > Drums > Space [1:04] > Not Fade Away [8:51] > Sugar Magnolia [8:18]
Encore Alabama Getaway [4:22] > One More Saturday Night [4:49]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for picking us up!


icepetal said...

Great pick! I can't believe it took me so long to run into your blog. Great seeds of inspiration for focused listening. We are kindred spirits, to be sure, considering my own blog:

E. Kress said...

Hey doc great show i have been listening for over year now keep up the great shows!!! the estimated>he's gone was amazing from this show. Do you think you could find a real funky shakedown for next week?

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your blog and at the top of the page is 5/10/80. A very good sign.

5/10/80 is one of my all time faves and like you I only had the second set for the longest time and really is the part worth having. How many modern era dead shows do you see that are that front loaded in the second set pre-drums? Amazing. Outstanding playing to boot, some of Garcia's most inspired if you ask me.

Just so you know, Jim Wise taped the whole show which is now up at the archive and is a pretty good one too considering the cavernous sound of the Hartford civic. Also, Charlie Miller miraculously dredged up a SBD that spans the C>R through NFA recently which is also listed at the archive. Not the whole set but all the parts one would want. Very nice sounding board for 1980 too.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I thought it was just a GD blog and didn't take the time to see it was a podcast/radio show as well. Got a bit excited about seeing 5/10/80 I guess.

After listening I see you are all up to date on your sources carry on.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Prof: What a sweeet show! Not only do you provide great ,usic but these shows are like time machines transporting us all to our happy place. Thanks

sgsalant said...

Hey Prof: What a sweeet show! Not only do you provide great ,usic but these shows are like time machines transporting us all to our happy place. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Love the China > Rider!!!

Gave me goosebumps and made me forget what I was doing!!

Also Love the faint giddy laugh after Rider,someone was definitely overwhelmed by that duo too!!

Were not worthy.

Anonymous said...

Kind of goes AUD near end. Kind of a cavernous sound to me.

Great show though.


Anonymous said...

A fantastic pick this week professor. Any chance for some early 1970's acoustic dead? Beggars can't be choosers...maybe for the holidays again though? Many thanks, stay up, go well.
Student Head Madison, WI.