Friday, September 05, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 9/05/08

I've had some requests for some solo Garcia, or Garcia band, and I thought this show, which I recently came across, would be an interesting contrast with the 1974 show that we heard the last couple weeks. This too, is from 1974, but this is Garcia with Merle Saunders, at the Keystone in Berkeley CA.
It's a whole different sound than the 'Wall of Sound' and certainly shows Garcia's unique ability to stretch out and explore and improvise in a whole other musical realm..

Jerry Garcia and Merle Saunders
Keystone, Berkeley, CA

Set 1

01 - Bossa Martin
02 - You Can Leave Your Hat On
03 - Going, Going, Gone
04 - Mystery Train

Set 2

01 - He Ain't Give You None*
02 - Freedom Jazz Dance*
03 - Someday Baby
04 - I Second That Emotion

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

I hope you enjoy this week's show.. thanks as always for listening!!


Bill L. said...

where's the link to the show???

the professor said...

Sorry overlooked that today as I wasn't feeling real great - its there now - You can also always click on the title of the podcast to get to the download. Thanks for pointing out my omission!
- the professor

vemos said...

more like this, pleez.

david said...

yeah professor,

this instrumental work was terrific...thanks for doing what you do...

let it rock,

Anonymous said...

When is the pledge drive? I'll be on the road the first part of October.

Anonymous said...

More thanks than I can express. I'm sure many have heard this show before, maybe even have a copy, but this was my first Garcia tape outside the Dead. I dubbed it off someone during a very intense party in college in 1991. Played it for years, patched it with scotch tape too many times and it was eventually eaten in a deck, but I believe I still have the casette remnants in a ziplock. My tape was mislabeled as an April show and I've wanted another copy for about 8 years. Today it was put out as a podcast! This is a very special show to me. Of all the Garcia/Saunders & L.O.M. I've heard since (and so far), this has remained my favorite. So good to hear it again!

-ERIK in Denver

Anonymous said...

does anyone know who and/or what the asterisk's represent on the last songs of this show?

the professor said...

tracks 5 and 6 were the "missing songs" on shnid #89216, included here..
I probably should have removed them - they indicated that these 2 songs weren't available previously..

Thomas said...

As much as I love all things Jerry, I don't really care for the horns in this (and his LOM efforts). As much as I love Jerry, and think this was a time when he was at his best, this is just not my cup of tea - the horns seem to jar with his very fluid playing. It seems to me that his guitar goes better with Keith's piano. This is one I'll drop from my zune.

But I really hope that doesn't put The Professor off! I really DO like, and really appreciate, having this here to be able to a) play and b) evaluate. So far, I've not dropped many of the fine shows the Professor podcasts!

Last weeks's show was awesome, and next week's is pretty good too. Please keep up the good work, and please, please, PLEASE keep broadcasting these shows!!

glauber said...

Listening to it now. NICE! Similar to the other Legion of Mary stuff i've listened to, but really nice.

Specially to me, a flute player.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

WOW! any more shows like this? Perhaps some LOM?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of stuff like this. Love how Jerry's side work contrasts with and is so different than his work with the GD. A very welcome change of pace!

Anonymous said...

This show is AMAZING! Love the jamming sessions and I really dig "Don't Let Go" and "Ride Mighty High"!

The bearded wonder