Friday, September 26, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 9/26/08

This week's Deadpod is big in every way - a wonderful second set that features a fabulous Eyes of the World->Estimated Prophet->Franklin's Tower that lasts nearly an hour and is among the best versions ever of these songs. This comes to us from the great fall of 79 tour, this one is from November 5th, 1979 from the Spectrum in Philadelphia. The entire set is a real treat, starting with a rare second set opening Althea and closing with a truly rocking Sailor-Saint-Sugar Magnolia..

Grateful Dead The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA 11/5/79 - Monday
Althea [12:01] ; Easy To Love You [3:26] ; Eyes Of The World [22:35] > Estimated Prophet [14:28] > Franklin's Tower [13:45] > Space [5:09] > Drums [7:36] > Space [2:39] > Lost Sailor [6:52] > Saint Of Circumstance [5:14] > Sugar Magnolia [8:46]
Encore Casey Jones [5:50]

You can listen to this weeks' Deadpod here:

Not only is there alot of great music this week, but I took to heart a suggestion that I try to improve the compression rate on the mp3. Being just another picky deadhead myself, I'm very concerned to have the music sound as good as possible - please let me know if you notice the difference on this week's Deadpod. This does increase the file size, and there are tradeoffs, but it may well be worth the cost.

The other big news this week is that starting next week, KOPN, 89.5 FM, Community radio begins its Fall pledge drive. I'm trying to get a head start on this by asking you for your support for the Deadpod. I do hope you'll consider contributing to the Deadpod and ensuring our continuance. I wanted to let you know this was starting this week because I have an opportunity to send you a very special thank you for supporting the Deadpod - a copy of the brand new release "Rocking the Cradle - Egypt 78" CD/DVD combination set that releases on September 30th!
This two cd/dvd set chronicles the historic shows in Egypt in 1978 - including 95 minutes of concert footage - and I'm so happy to be able to offer this to my listeners who contribute at a $60 level or above. I wanted to get a headstart on this as I'm going to be getting some surgery done later in October and would like to take care of this before all that goes down.. so at any rate, if you'd like to get a copy of this wonderful set, just contribute to the Deadpod during this big membership drive. You can click the 'Make a Donation' button on the left hand side of the page above.. Thank YOU!

Whew! I hope the Deadpod and all the news isn't TOO big! but then again, I always loved the BIG sound of seeing the Dead and I think you'll enjoy this week's show..

Be well and thanks for picking us up!


Alex said...

'79 was such a great year--this looks great. Out of curiosity, what source is this? Is it from the recent full-show Road Trips download or something that was already in circulation?

the professor said...

No this was originally transferred from DAT->CD by Jim Wise, then patched and released by Charlie Miller back in April, 04.
Hope you enjoy it.

Winslow said...

Wonderful sound on this, which is greatly enhanced by bumping up the bit rate. I could tell the difference right from your first introductory words, Prof! Thanks for caring... and good luck to you in October. You have lots of friends pulling for you, and Grateful for all you do!

seabilliau said...

The sound quality is excellent. I recommend that you keep the high bit rate for recordings that would benefit more from it rather than ones that wouldn't. This would save you some "space" (Har har).
Keep up the good work.
Very Respectfully,

Nathaniel said...

Fantastic sound quality on all your choice picks!! Thanks so much for the Jerry band shows last week and thanks for all you give us each week. Can't wait to hear the Egypt stuff!!
Keep up the great tunes!!
Very Gratefully,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff -- Thank you so much for producing the podcast!

mike said...

mike Prof I want to say I am grateful for all the things u do to keep the music from never stopping,your podcast are some of the best around.Again thank you and good luck and godspeed.

Alex said...

Thanks for that info, Professor--this sounds awesome, in every aspect.

erich said...

THANK YOU! This was my first of approximately shows. Wow, what a treat!

erich said...

1st of approximately 50 shows.

BigJerry said...

Sound quality is great and this was a great show. Thanks, and luck next month.

A google user said...

Wow, the sound quality on this is great. Thanks for doing that.

I can say that I'll chew up this hard drive any day to get the better sound quality.

Thanks for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds way good. cymbals, bass drums, seperation and not to memtion guitars and vocals. Thanx. The Boeing strike will delay my suport. but I'll make it up L8er.

Anonymous said...

Is it OK not to like Space and Drums??? I just can't get into them...

Anonymous said...

Killer set, great Eyes Jerry sings the last verse twice, totally butchering the second verse...just classic!!!

Anonymous said...

This set is great! Thank you for putting these out, I look forward to a new one everyweek!
Happy trails!