Friday, May 29, 2009

Dead show/podcast for 5/29/09

Wow, this week we're lucky enough to listen to a real find, courtesy of Jamie Waddell, who claims to have been turned on to this amongst a box of tapes turned on to him at a yard sale of all places...
this is a really nice JGB show from 1987, and while the first song (both this week and next) come from an audience patch, the rest is very high quality soundboard.
I know you're going to enjoy this one if you a fan of the big guy.. :)

Jerry Garcia Band
Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA
August 30, 1987
Set 1
Cats Down Under The Stars
Mission In The Rain
Stop That Train
Dear Prudence
I Shall Be Released
My Sisters And Brothers
Tangled Up In Blue

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks as always for your kind support that makes the Deadpod possible!!


Lenny said...

nice cut professor.

especially love the setlist. I love JGB when they hit the reggae button.

Any Jimmy Cliff is an obvious reggae tune, but 'I Shall Be Released' is a great one that has had its share of great reggae versions (I suggest any listener check out some Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle)

Keep the wonderful tunes flowing

Annie said...

I was there on this day. Bonnie Raitt opened. Thanks for the memory!

Tom said...

Fantastic! Thanks to everyone involved in sharing. I always enjoy the Deadpod. This one is in the sweet spot for me.

Anonymous said...

Im 16 and love the Dead for their combination of every great styles of music. Earlier you played the fillmore east in february, which is great pigpen dead. I was wondering if you could play some great '77 dead, perhaps winterland or pembroke pines. Also, Dick's Picks 33, in 76 is supposed to be a real gem, I would love to hear it. Keep up the good work!

Charleo said...

Those keys on Mission are awsome.

thanks prof, and welcome to MI

Les'sDirtyDeadGirl said...

WOW! Great Tangled Up In Blue! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lc said...

been looking for this show for years!
was a great show, had so much fun. bonnie raitt opener then joining with JGB was just amazing. ran the tape into the ground back in the day. so happy to hear it again, thanks!!!

Dhfalcon said...

Great Show!! Tangled up in blue is smoking hot!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Love Bonnie Raitt, and loved this set. Many thanks! I highly recommend Bonnie's most recent album (please note that, as I write this, it's 2013). =)