Friday, June 05, 2009

Dead show/podcast for 06/05/09

This week we have the pleasure of hearing the second set of the Jerry Band from the Greek, with Bonnie Raitt sitting in on 2 numbers, from 8/30/87...

I'll Take A Melody, Think, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, And It Stoned Me, That Lucky Ol' Sun,
Midnight Moonlight.

Hope you enjoy it...
you can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for your support, we couldn't do the Deadpod without it..


Charleo said...

00:38 - 00:41 => is that a fluffy fluffer kitty I hear ?

thx for the music prof.

the professor said...

yes it was one of my 4(!!) cats -- who refused to be quiet - sorry I didn't have time to redo the intro :)
thanks.. the prof

Anonymous said...

I like the Day Tripper allthough I wish that Jerry sang it!

Francis said...

any way to download this show still--for some reason it is the only one my system failed to grab all year! Really love your shows!



the professor said...

Sure - just left click on the link and choose 'save as' from your browser and it should download to your desktop/disk..

-the professor

Anonymous said...

Loved Bonnie's singing and playing, and enjoyed hearing Lucky Ol' Sun for the first time.

PLEASE DON'T redo your intros when your cats chime in! It's quite endearing. =)