Friday, June 17, 2011

Dead Show/podcast for 6/17/11

This week I decided to bring you a very fine show from the late period of the Grateful Dead. This one comes to us from March 21st, 1994 from the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield Ohio. I think the band usually played well here - and I think this is quite a fine show. I decided to bring you the second set - it is especially well played - right from the Picasso Moon, through the New Speedway and an excellent Victim.. The highlight of this set however is the Stella Blue - Jerry is so expressive on this one - it bring shivers to me when I listen..
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, my friends.

Grateful Dead
Richfield Coliseum

Set 2
Picasso Moon
New Speedway Boogie
Victim Or The Crime >
He's Gone >
Jam >
Drums >
Space >
Turn On Your Lovelight >
Stella Blue >
Turn On Your Lovelight >
Liberty (fob source)

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Anonymous said...

This also happened to be the last concert's ever played at the Collisseum.
IMHO this is one of the best Stella's as well ...
Thank you professor. - schneig

jim wolfe said...

This was my last dead show...Listening to that mix brings back the horror of hearing john cutler mix....Its was the worst sounding show I had ever been to...The roof of the collusum had shaken before this night you had to strain to hear the kick and bass...phil spent the whole night at the monitor console trying to make up in his ear monitors for not hearing the bass fill up the room...plenty of vocals and keyboards though and as a keyboard player i can tell you there should never be that much of them....Amazing listening to that again brought back all the emotion of hearing my first well below sub standard mix at a dead show....The ironic thing was that john cutler in the studio was amazing and I used Built to last to sound check my pa's for years...He should have been kept in the studio!!!!

jfarns said...

My pleasant surprise here was the "Liberty" encore. This version definitely settled the score for me, and I can't wait to hear another 'liberty' soon!!

chris said...

Thank you sending 3/23. For none known, and many unknown reasons, this show resonated with me. maybe because i experienced most 94-95 shows, i don't know.... this sound is something special..

I'm donating what i can now.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find Set 1?