Friday, June 03, 2011

Dead Show/podcast for 6/3/11

Another fine suggestion by a friend of the Deadpod sets the stage for this week's show - July 14th, 1984 from the Greek Theater in Berkeley CA. It seems to fit right in with the last few weeks' and the boys do not disappoint on this one..
From our correspondent's email: "The first set features really high energy versions of Jack Straw and Big Railroad Blues. I'm not normally a big fan of Little Red Rooster, but this is a truly great version"
I can second that recommendation and hope you enjoy this set as much as I do..

Grateful Dead
Date: 7/14/84 - Saturday
Location: Greek Theatre - University of California - Berkeley, CA
Jack Straw ;
West L.A. Fadeaway ;
Little Red Rooster ;
Tennessee Jed ;
Beat It On Down The Line ;
Big Railroad Blues ;
Looks Like Rain >
Don't Ease Me In ;

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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Ryan Locke / SLBE said...

Thanks for the string of mid-80's shows! I was pretty excited to see one from '84 this weekend, I really enjoy the sound of this brief era, especially Brent's work, and it sounds especially good in the summertime on a Michigan backroad! That T. Jed is strong.

jfarns said...

What a show!! I've had that 'West LA' in my head all day!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this set in general. The harmonica in Rooster was lots of fun. Although I appreciated the Jack Straw simply for variety's sake in terms of its dissimilarity to most slower versions of the song, that song in particular struck me as better when slowed down. Something about the story of the lyrics doesn't really lend itself to a quick, fun, bouncy pace. The up-tempo speed seemed less inappropriate for most of the other songs in the set. Overall, though, I enjoyed this listen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I really enjoyed West LA Fadeaway!