Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Europe 72 Grateful Dead giveaways!

Our friends at dead.net and Rhino records have sent us some more copies of the new Europe 72 Vol. 2 CD to give away to followers of the Deadpod!

In addition I've also received several copies of two of the newly released, 180 gram vinyl LPs of Workingman's Dead and Anthem of the Sun!!
Other classic LPs that have been released include the 1st Grateful Dead LP, American Beauty, Aoxomoxoa, Shakedown Street, Europe 72, and Blues for Allah. You can get more information or order your own copies here:

Now I don't want to wear you out with entering this contest - but I don't want to send any of these prizes out to someone who already has the items..
Sooooooooooo - if you already entered our earlier drawing and did not win, consider yourself entered in this drawing.. (no duplicate entries will NOT help your chances, quite the opposite :)

However if you had the Europe 72 box set and didn't enter the first contest but would like to win one of the albums, go ahead and enter and make sure you tell me you're interested in the albums... email me at: j.henrikson@gmail.com - make sure you put Deadpod contest or something clever like that in the subject ;)

You can also enter by joining the Deadpod group on Facebook...

I'll leave this one open for at least another week and a half..

By the way, it does NOT help your chance of winning if you contribute to the Deadpod - but I sure wouldn't mind it if you did ;)

all the best my friends!


Photonboy said...

Awesome, thanks man.

gr8fulmouse said...

Could you place a link to the Deadpod facebook page or tell me the name... it doesn't come up in search and I would like to be entered into the CD contest... thanks!

the professor said...

curious.. well it should be here: