Friday, October 07, 2011

Dead Show/podcast for 10/7/11

This week's Deadpod takes us back to some early "primal" Dead, back to the Winterland Arena in the fall of 1967. While we don't have all of this show, I think you'll enjoy how tight and well played these songs are. The band is clearly listening to each other and hitting on all cylinders. Pay attention to the lyrics used here on "The Other One".
This show's a blast.. afterwards, I've included a cut from the Europe 72 vol 2 CD, the fabulous "Sing Me Back Home" from the last show of the tour.. I'm supposed to be getting some more copies of this from Rhino and plan to offer up another contest for them, I just want to have them in hand before I start to promise anything.. hope you enjoy it!!!

Grateful Dead
October 22, 1967
Winterland Arena, San Franscisco, CA

1. Morning Dew
2. New Potato Caboose
3. It Hurts Me, Too
4. Cold, Rain, & Snow
5. Lovelight//
6. Beat it on Down the Line
7. Cryptical Envelopment >
8. The Other One >
9. Cryptical Envelopment

From Europe 72, Vol 2: "Sing Me Back Home"

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Chuck said...

Thanks for the primal Dead Professor, great way to start the day!

Anonymous said...

This was wonderful to hear! Sounded great throughout: loved the fast version of Morning Dew; Phil sounded great in Caboose; and the jamming was simply sublime. Also glad to have some '67 to add to my collection. Thanks, Professor!

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW...and Sing Me Back Home? Wow.