Friday, November 02, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 11/2/12

This week we get to listen to the second set from a nice performance from the fall of 1972 - 10/28/72 Cleveland Ohio.. The Dark Star is clearly the crown jewel of this performance and I encourage you to read the description of that piece given by Robert Goetz in the Grateful Dead Tapers Compendium. It is far from the only thing worthwhile in the set to be sure. While some of the sound is not pristine (my apologies for that), still I really enjoyed the rest of the set, especially the Attics.. and hope you do as well. 
The Dark Star should be *studied* :) 

Grateful Dead Cleveland Public Hall 10/28/72 - Saturday Set Two: He's Gone El Paso Don't Ease Me In Greatest Story Ever Told Brown Eyed Women Beat It On Down The Line Attics Of My Life Big River Dark Star  Sugar Magnolia Casey Jones E: Johnny B. Goode
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