Friday, October 26, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 10/26/12

I know that I may have featured too many shows this year from 1972 (is that possible?) but being that its the 40th anniversary of these shows I'm naturally led to take a look at them and often I'm drawn by their quality. 1972 was a wonderful year.. this week I decided to feature this show from the weekend before Halloween due principle to the fact that I really really want to play the Dark Star from set 2.. sometimes this desire to feature a particular segment or song from a show might cause me to feature some music that might not quite measure up.. I suppose that is the completest in me that prefers to feature whole shows rather than 'parts'. This week I'm playing set 1 of this show despite some sound issues with the mix - the vocals are often too low in the mix. Nevertheless the playing is first rate, as is the typically superb song selection. I hope you'll overlook the issues with the mix as I do, in anticipation of the wonderful Dark Star that awaits next week - besides this is a first rate set... :)

Grateful Dead 
Cleveland Public Hall 
10/28/72 - Saturday 

The Promised Land ;     
Friend Of The Devil ; 
Jack Straw ; 
China Cat Sunflower >   
I Know You Rider ; 
Mexicali Blues ; 
Box Of Rain ; 
Me And Bobby McGee ; 
Candyman ; 
Me And My Uncle ; 
Sugaree ; 
Playing In The Band ;
I really hope that you enjoy this one, in my mind, (and I'm probably biased as I 
grew up near Cleveland) 
the band really played some fine music here... 
You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:
thank you so much for your support of the Deadpod.. 
I really couldn't do the show without you!!! 


DeadDogDisco said...

Can't wait until next week!

Anonymous said...

Where'd you grow up? I love the show, thanks for all the great shows this year!

Anonymous said...

Where'd you grow up? Thanks for all the great shows this year!