Friday, July 15, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 7/15/16

After an admittedly somewhat bumpy first set, we return to Foxboro during the Summer of 1990 for the second set of the band's performance there on July 14th, 1990. They come out of the gate (following an amusing 'Take a step back') with a pleasant and somewhat jazzy Eyes, followed by a reggae inspired Estimated Prophet. There's some great work by Phil here, followed by a dreamy 'Crazy Fingers'. Uncle John's Band follows and the crowd breaks into a singalong.. Following drums and space, we get what would turn out to be the final rendition of Brent's 'I Will Take You Home', followed somewhat abruptly by 'I Need a Miracle'. The band closes the set with three rockers - 'Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad', 'Throwing Stones' and 'Turn on Your Lovelight.. ' They return for a rare double encore, with a prophetic 'Last Time' followed by the always sweet 'We Bid You Goodnight'..

Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro MA (7/14/90)

Set 2

Eyes of the World
Estimated Prophet
Crazy Fingers
Uncle John's Band
I Will Take You Home
I Need a Miracle
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

This Could Be the Last Time
We Bid You Goodnight

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May this find you all in peace and light. 


Ed Minar said...

The version of last week's show (7/15) that I downloaded was the same as the previous week's (7/8) Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for what you do!

the professor said...

I suggest that you try downloading it again - I've tested it and the correct show is downloading both here and in itunes.

thanks ~!

Anonymous said...

What a grate show! I loved Brent's contributions...I can't help but listen with a sense of eerie trepidation, knowing that he left us just 12 days later. And, yes, the "This Could Be The Last Time" only heightening this sense. The show finished very strong, and the "And We Bid You Goodnight" was a nice treat. Thanks, Professor!