Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 09/08/06

Hello again!!
Tonight I’m going to bring you the first part of the second set from 12/8/73, Duke University. I’ve had a request for late ‘73 and I happen to really enjoy this one as well, I hope you do too!

12/8/73 Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke U.

Around & Around, Ramble On Rose, El Paso, Row Jimmy, Greatest Story Every Told, Bertha, He’s Gone, Truckin’, Nobody’s Fault But Mine

You can find the podcast here:

Hope you enjoy the show, and thanks so much for your kind support!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Professor
having trouble downloading from Itunes and from this site when I open this site it goes to podbean but then it says error found. What's up with this I need my weekly Dead. Also on Itunes it says authorization required I've never had this problem before. Thanks

the professor said...
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the professor said...

I'm having the problem too although I didn't before.. I will try re-uploading the file.. I was hoping this service would work, as the folks at KOPN were having problems handling our bandwidth requirements.. stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Would the problem be the double "//"s in the address for the podcast on podbean?

the professor said...

OK, I'm taking a chance and putting the podcast back where I know it will work.. for now.
We may need to raise some funds to get it a better permanent home!
sorry for the problems friends.. enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Professor,
Thanks for the shows and keep them coming. I was able to download the 9/8/6 show after you fixed things. One thing I've been downloading the older shows but after 4/28/06 you can't do it any way to fix this much appreciated. Thanks and again Keep'em coming.