Friday, September 29, 2006

Exciting pledge drive premiums!

Hey now!
I almost forgot but I can offer those of you who kindly contribute $50 or more to the podcast your choice of either of these wonderful premiums, either Dick's Picks #36 (9/21/72 Philly) or the Closing of Winterland DVD!!!
Just be sure and let me know which you'd like when you make your contribution or in an email..
thanks in advance for your support!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey professor,
love the shows keep'em coming I'm having a hard time downloading the older shows from the archives from your early 2005 - 2004 shows the files will not open up anything to do to fix this problem? Also any possibility of playing any shows from Foxboro Stadium Shows MA from around 1986 or the providence Civic Center 1984?
Much appreciated Thanks so much and keep the music coming.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the work that you do to keep the podcast going. These shows help me get through the day when I am at work.