Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 09/29/06

Hello again Friends!

So glad you could stop by this week.. I'm playing the second set from the Dead's 1978 show at Williamsburg VA.. I think you'll enjoy the sound and the playing on this..

Grateful Dead William And Mary Hall - College Of William And Mary
Williamsburg, VA 4/15/78 - Saturday
Candyman, Sunrise->Playing In The Band-> Drums-> Not Fade Away-> Morning Dew
Around & Around

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As always you can listen to the podcast here:


Anonymous said...

Hey professor,
having problems gettilng the older shows from the archives from the 2004. Also any chance of getting any shows from Foxboro Stadium Ma 1986 or some Providence Civic center shows around 1984? Thanks and keep the music coming

the professor said...

As I've posted before the older shows hosted at my home address ( don't have alot of bandwidth, you have to be patient if you want those.. As for particular shows I always try to play the best sounding shows I have, I'm not a big fan of most 86 shows, but I'll see what I have.
No need to post the same question in multiple places, BTW. thanks!

Anonymous said...

The link seems to point to 092206 instead of 092906 for the mp3.

the professor said...

Ack! fixed now.. thank you so much for pointing out my oversight!

glauber said...

Ah, Sunrise! I hadn't heard this for years, but i remembered the weird lyrics from the first Grateful Dead album i ever listened to: Terrapin Station. Thanks for another great show.

John said...

Dear Professor,
Is there any way I can buy a CD of the '78 William and Mary show? My husband and I were there; he has cancer now, and I think this memory would really cheer him up.
My email is