Friday, September 15, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 09/15/06

Hi Friends!
this week I'm bringing you the conclusion of the second set from 12/8/73, Durham NC.
I sure hope you enjoy it - I love the Other One Wharf Rat, Stella Blue.. The Johnny B Goode only exists on my tape as an audience so I didn't include it..

Grateful Dead Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University Durham, NC 12/8/73 - Saturday
The Other One > Wharf Rat > Stella Blue ; Johnny B. Goode(missing) > Uncle John's Band
Encore One More Saturday Night

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As always you can find this podcast here:

Be well and have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Professor
I download the shows every week. I'm having a problem with the older shows from around the march february shows the files won't open to run and save I had most of these shows but some how they were deleted of my computer most likely by son by accident. Anyway you can fix this situation so the files will open so I run and save them. Thanks much appreciated. And again keep'em coming. I wait every week for the new show.Patty

Anonymous said...

hey professor,
having a hard time downloading the older shows. The files will not open to let me run and save the files is there anything you cna do to rectify the situation. The page keeps going to a blank blog page saying unable to to do this. If possible can you fix this. It would be great to get all these shows. Thanks. As the former writer says I'm having the same problem. I never had any problems before and now the file won't run.
Thanks anything you can do will be much appreciated. Looking forward to next weeks show. Long Live the DEAD.

the professor said...

I just changed ISPs where the older shows are hosted and hadn't gotten the firewall set up right - it should be fixed now.. give it a shot and let me know..
thanks for the feedback!
the prof.

Anonymous said...

Hi Professor, Thanks for all the great show. Look forward to them every week. One problem is that when you download the older shows it takes almost 3 hours unlilke before it was like 35 minutes anyway to fix this. Much appreciated.

mipham_chogyal said...

Aloha Professor,

Thank you for the ʻ73! One comment: Did you know the previous weekʻs show (1973-12-08ʻs first part set 2) is encoded at 22.000?
At the splice from NFBM > TOO beginning this weekʻs continuation of that second set (which is at 44.000), the difference in quality is quite noticeable.

I would be really stoked by an upgrade to 44. for that first part!

Stoked regardless & with many thanks,


the professor said...

unfortunately once I move the podcasts from where they are stored the first week I release them to the KOPN web site, the powers that be there have dictated that they be saved in a lower quality format, to save on bandwidth :(
I can't help this sad state of affairs at present - if I get enough donations I plan to move to a more bandwidth friendly solution..
thanks for listening and for your kind words..

the prof.

Anonymous said...

hi professor,

love your show. i am trying to download from your archives and ran into a glitch: the link for the 12/30/05 show leads to the same site as the link for the 12/23/05 show instead of the 12/30/05 show. if possible, please repair the link to the 12/30/05 show.

the professor said...

OK, fixed, sorry for the error, it should be working now.. thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

hi professor,
thanks for fixing the link, i guess. if you use the link on the web page for 12/05 to download 12/30/05 it still doesn't work, but if you type the url into the browser it gets there. similarly, 11/18/05 is mislabeled as 11/8/05 on the web page and goes nowhere, but works out when manually entered for the browser. i think fixing the web page links is the real fix you'd want to employ.i haven't gotten further back in my effort to comprehensively download your programs, so i can't report any other problems so far. thanks for the fine music.

the professor said...

I guess I'm slow understanding what the problem is with 12/30. I changed the link, it should work .. if it doesn't I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to fix it. I also appreciate you telling me about the problem with 11/18, I'll get that fixed too, thanks.