Friday, November 28, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 11/28/08

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. I know how grateful I am for all my blessings and hope you feel the same way..
This week I continue my tradition of bringing you acoustic Dead around the holidays.
Two shows this week - the first from the iconic accoustic sets from the fall of 1980:

Grateful Dead - September 30, 1980 Warfield Theatre - San Francisco, CA
On The Road Again, Jack-A-Roe, Monkey And The Engineer, Bird Song, Dark Hollow, Rosalie McFall
Heaven Help The Fool, China Doll, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie -> Ripple

The second, a bit lower souond quality but still so fun to listen to.. is actually the 'Bob Weir band' - but Jerry sits in for all of the show and Mickey for most of it..

Rambler Room - Loyola University Chicago, IL 11/17/78a - Friday
One Winin' Boy Blues [4:09] ; Tom Dooley [3:15] ; This Time Forever [4:38] ; Deep Elem Blues [3:19] ; KC Moan [3:38] ; Knockin' On Heaven's Door [7:59] ; Big Boy Pete [3:18] ; Jack-A-Roe [4:32] ; Dark Hollow [3:39] ; Oh Boy [2:08]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for picking us up.. Enjoy and be well, my friends!


Olday said...

Great show this week, and a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

Corey said...

this is a really good Peggy-O. my personal favorite is a very well known one: the closing of the winterland in '78.

MWT said...

How often did the Dead or any of the related bands play Tom Dooley? I presume it's the tune made famous by the Kingston Trio.

My 75 year dad loves the Kingston Trio - I'll bet he's enjoy some Dead too!

Cb said...
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Cb said...

Hey, that 11/17/78 Rambler Room show was listed as Bob Weir band but the Bob Weir band musicians didnt actually play on this set acoustic set. There are pictures circulating from the night of the show that shows Jerry, Bob, Phil and Mickey only. This event was actually an event for Hunger Week as you can see by the banners in the background. heres the link to the pics. take care and enjoy.

this site is also good for info on Bob Weir Band:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million! Love the acoustic dead. Makes the holidays even better than they already are.

Anonymous said...

cb thanks for the pictures.
tell me how big were phils lenses in the seventies?

great stuff


glauber said...

Allright, Professor! Once more you gave us something extra to be thankful about.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Professor: I have a request. I remember a Pacific High Studios KSAN Garcia/Saunders/Kreutzman broadcast (2-6-72??) that was particularly awesome. I think it had Imagine on it, and just generally cooks. Any chance you might have it and if so, might you share it with us?

Thanks for all your wonderful podcasts!


Smokin second half. Gonna look for that show! Happy Thanksgiving