Friday, July 03, 2009

Dead show/podcast for 07/03/09

Happy 4th of July Everyone!
This week we have special Deadpod - not only do we get to listen to the first part of the second set of the June 15th, 1990 show at Shoreline, but we have an interview with Mark Karan, long time guitarist for Ratdog and all-around good guy...
Mark has a new CD that just came out: Walk Through the Fire, and we talk to Mark about the CD and his plans for the near future, we also listen to a couple tunes from the CD..

Grateful Dead
6/15/90 Shoreline Ampitheater, Mt. View, CA set 2:
Scarlet Begonias->Fire on the Mountain, Blow Away->Man Smart, Woman Smarter->He's Gone

Mark Karan Interview, Easy Wind, Annie Don't Lie from the cd Walk Through the Fire.

you can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

I hope you have a very safe and happy 4th!!

thanks for your support..


Anonymous said...

I was very excited when I saw the set list, and equally disappointed when I heard it. Jerry was in very poor voice. Even Brent had an off-night; although Brent on a bad night is better than most folks on their best.

I really enjoyed the Mark Curran interview, and wish that you played more of the like. Seems like a grateful, grounded person, and I REALLY liked his music! I will probably buy his CD shortly...I like supporting people like him and music like his.

Anonymous said...

Finally getting around to buying Mark's CD. Just wanted to point out that I had trouble searching for it on iTunes because his name is "Mark Karan," not Curran. Good news is that it's only $9.99!

Thanks again for the recommendation, Professor. I'll probably drop another note here once I listen to the album.