Friday, July 24, 2009

Dead show/podcast for 07/24/09

This week we have part 2 of this classic show from the famous Academy of Music run in NYC, from 1972. This contains a great set of classic Dead tunes: You Win Again, Jack Straw, Comes A Time.. and on and on.. it really brings a smile to my face to listen to this classic Good 'Old Grateful Dead - and I hope it does for you too!!

Grateful Dead - March 23, 1972
Academy of Music - New York, NY
You Win Again
Jack Straw
Next Time You See Me
Playing In The Band
Comes A Time
Me And Bobby McGee
Casey Jones
Ramble On Rose

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Be well my friends and thanks for your kind support!!!


Anonymous said...

Professor - Thank you thank you for this great show! Will you be finishing it out with the amazing Dark Star etc... next week?

Anonymous said...

Prof - I know its not generally focused on - but the tightness of Garcia's singing and playing on You Win Again in 72 is really something. Particularly this version. Thank YOU (and Mr. Charlie (Miller) too)!

Anonymous said...

ditto on the You Win Again, a tune I rarely listen to but is pulled off magficently by the Dead. Yet another country/cowboy tune that I think the Dead do as well, if not better, than anyone else. For example, I'd put the Dead's Bobby McGee up against Janis' or Kristophersen's any time.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Great Sound, Thanks..Is there any more songs to this show,set list doesn't seem to match others on net?

the professor said...

yes - the rest of the set will be featured in next week's Deadpod..

Glad you're enjoying it!
- the prof

Anonymous said...

More great stuff! The boys were on this night!