Friday, July 10, 2009

Dead show/podcast for 07/10/09

I'll get up and fly away................. fly away...........

That's one of my all-time favorite refrains..... and we get to listen to a wonderful version on this week's Deadpod.... as well as a sweet Knockin' On Heaven's door encore..

I also followed up the end of the 2nd set with a nod to the recently completed Dead tour - filling a request from a persistent, but sweet listener :)

Grateful Dead
6/15/90 Shoreline Ampitheater, Mt. View, CA end of set 2:
Drums->Space-> The Other One->Wharf Rat->Around and Around
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

The Dead
5/10/09 Shoreline Ampitheater, Mr.View, CA
Unbroken Chain

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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Anonymous said...

Love the last song... there's nothing like a dead show

Charleo (Chexander) said...

The gong ringing was rather a nice touch during the ""

nice to hear unbroken, wish phil had his voice in late70's and in 80's

Anonymous said...

Oddly for me, Drums > Space was my favorite part here. Again, some classic tunes played on an off-night, IMHO.

I LOVED Phil in Unbroken Chain. I just saw three nights of Furthur at LA's Greek Theatre (it's now 2013), and they jammed that song so well, and honestly I've never heard Phil sing much better than he did during that 3-night stand...other than here! He sounded great! PHIL!!!!!!