Friday, October 12, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 10/12/12

This is a fine second set from the Fall of 1976 - enjoy this one along with the fine
Fall weather.. I especially recommend that you savor the wonderful Slipknot.. 
as well as the Franklin's Tower that follows.. this is really an under appreciated gem. 
The Dancin'->Drums->Wheel->Ship is not only unusual but very nicely done, 
especially the Ship of Fool.. this one makes a truly wierd but wonderful transition
 back into the Dancin' reprise..
 There's no point in describing the GDTRFB.. listen to it.. 
You'll love the rockin' end to this show.. 
ACK - I just noticed that I introduced the show saying it was for October 1, 2012..
 of course its not..
today is October 12!! Don't let that throw you off.. it is the correct show. 

Grateful Dead - October 1, 1976Market Square Arena - Indianapolis, IN
Two: Might As Well ; Samson And Delilah  Help On The Way; Slipknot! 
 Franklin's Tower ; Dancing In The Street  Drums; The Wheel ; Ship Of Fools;
 Dancing In The Street ; Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad; One More Saturday Night
 Encore: U.S. Blues 
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Anonymous said...

Professor: what a great show. In particular the sound is anmazing. Listen to the Phil intro to The Wheel - just brilliant sound & tone. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

One of the best shows that I've heard showcased on The Deadpod! Among everything else wonderful about this recording, I love the jazzy piano work. Muchas gracias, Profesor!